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Kitchen Makeover | Upgrade Ikea Kitchen to a Cozy, Bright Space + DIY Home Cafe

. We have a kitchen. We invested some money to have Ikea install the main part of the kitchen, partly so we can be assured. The water & electrical appliances are safe to use., Now it’s time for us to complete our dream kitchen.

. Why …? Why is it so difficult to open Ikea packages Haha? We ordered the island with the rest of our kitchen to save delivery, cost and opted to build it ourselves to save on installation fees as well.

Just 1.5 years ago. I had no idea how to assemble Ikea furniture, and now everything goes so quickly and smoothly For the island. We combined two 60x60cm and two 60x37cm units. I’ve always wanted an island, but never had the opportunity to have one.

. With this open kitchen. We finally have the space Clamp to screw the cabinets together. Tightly. We added the feet that came with the cabinets.. These will be covered by a toe-kick plate later on., Installing matching oak-veneer sides for a smoother look.

For the kitchen makeover we’re intentionally taking our time. So we can use the space and see what our needs are.. In the meantime, we got some new appliances~. I also organized the kitchen and the storage space we have is just right.

) After using the kitchen for a few weeks, I realized I have no need for upper cabinets. Since I’m short, they’re inconvenient for me anyway.. Instead, I want to add two shelves between the sink and the stove.

. We loved the floating shelf that we installed in our old kitchen, so we want to have some open shelving in this kitchen as well.. The lower shelf will be used for storing dried goods and the upper shelf for displaying some decor to add character to the space.

. I first made tiny pilot holes on the shelves so that I can screw them into the brackets without splintering the wood.. I finally bought these bamboo-lid glass containers from Ikea. I wanted them for so long, but waited till.

We moved. The power cord hanging out of the hood has been bothering me so I’m going to organize it with a cable channel.. I really didn’t feel like working on the kitchen today, so I tricked myself into doing this small task.

Once I accomplish. This I’ll feel good enough to tackle another bigger task. It got the momentum going, … ), Unlike before our new rental doesn’t, have a pre-installed backsplash.. We went back and forth about whether or not to tile ourselves, but after using this space as-is for the past 2 months, I actually really enjoy the white wall look.

. So instead we found a paint that is durable.. Any kitchen. Splashes can also be easily wiped off.. I will let you know how it holds. Up~ Our new place is surrounded by blue skies and green fields.. I wanted to frame a little piece of that in our kitchen.

. I got a simple Ikea frame.. The black is too modern compared to the rest of the kitchen, so I’m going to diy it into a vintagey brass frame. Give a rough sand, so paint adheres better, but don’t forget to clean up the dust after~ I’m painting with a foam brush instead of spray Painting to get a more imperfect and vintage look.

That way it feels more laid-back like the rest of the kitchen.. I ordered some custom turned legs for a special project. I’m, going to build a little console table for our coffee nook. I digitally sketched out the table to know what sizes of wood I need.

Cut.. This project is a present for Pat. I’m the cook in the home, so the kitchen design is mostly catered to. Me. Pat usually makes the coffee, so I really wanted to make a special “coffee bar” console table for him.

, I’m nervous, because I’ve never actually made a whole piece of furniture. It’s, also my first time making pocket holes and I found it so interesting~~. I get many comments asking what’s my secret to learning to diy.

The truth is there is no secret.. I learned everything through Youtube videos. January 2021. I didn’t even know how to use an electric screwdriver, but now I’m slowly, making my way up to using “scary” tools.

It’s, all about research practice failing and even more practice. ). I decided on the tabletop length after building the body. Sand with 180 to 220-grit sandpaper to prep for staining.. I also want to build a drawer to store coffee and tea bags.

To build a basic drawer, simply build a box Since there isn’t going to be anything too heavy stored inside the base is simply added on one side using wood glue and some nails. To give Pat all the “luxury” I added a pair of drawer slides with soft close.

. The tabletop is fitted onto the legs with 4 dowels and tightly secured with 4 small L brackets underneath. Gluing on the drawer front. My camera’s dying. Pat buh, bye camera. I first used a teak stain on the entire table, sanded it lightly with 180-grit sandpaper and went on top with a darker walnut stain to add warmth.

. I searched high and low for the perfect knob and finally found this vintage knob with a pretty backplate. What’s, a coffee bar without a rod to hang your favourite mugs. It took 3 months, but I found the perfect light for the kitchen.

It uses five small energy-saving G9 led bulbs. yay. I want to add a hanging rod next to the sink for more storage., I’m spraypainting, it brass to bring more warmth into the kitchen. It has taken over 3 months, but I’m really happy.

We were able to design the kitchen totally to our own needs and preferences.. The kitchen has become, without a doubt, the heart of our home.. With this new apartment, I promised myself to take my time in order to reach an end goal.

I truly wanted., Although it took months, it has been really worth it. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me, )