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Putting up my wood accent wall | Home Made Happy

Hey guys, how are you it is currently Wednesday for you, and actually it’s also Wednesday for me and um. I thought this week. I would make a little bit of progress on my living room because there’s just a couple things that need to get done to the accent wall for it to really, I think, fully come together.

Actually, let me show you also, I’m just enjoying my cup of red rose tea. My favorite type of tea so delicious, it’s an orange pico and I don’t like any other brand red rose all the way. So i know i need to do something here.

I was initially thinking of putting art on either side of the door, but now i’m thinking, maybe i should add, curtains and really just frame in the view that you have right when you look out which is trees, i mean you can’t see see if i focus Focus you kind of see that there’s like a tree view there, which is really nice, now focus back on me, hello.

I need to figure out something for that wall and then the other thing i need to do, obviously – which i think is what i’m gonna do this week over here this wall. Behind the two chairs i plan to do a wood panel wall, which i think is gonna look really really nice.

I did go ahead and pick up wood in the last video, as you saw, and so now i think it’s just about staining it waiting for it to dry and putting it up. Let’s go okay, so here is the plan for my wood flat wall.

I have all the pieces of wood right here behind me laid out. I think i actually bought a few too many, because i was initially anticipating the spacing between the pieces of wood to be smaller, but i think it should be a little bit more, but that’s.

Okay, it’s always better to have a little bit more than a little bit too little. So i’m going to go ahead and stain the pieces of wood. I picked up Varathane Early American, which is a color that i like quite a lot, and the goal here is to achieve a wood color that kind of matches the color of the faux wood beams that i have in the bedroom.

I mentioned this before, but one of the things i’m trying to do in this apartment is kind of carry some of the tones throughout the apartment to create a more cohesive space. Overall i felt like in my last apartment i had just started to do that, and it’s kind of one of the ways that you can make your space feel like it all goes together like each room.

They can be individually different, but then they have certain things, that kind of repeat certain tones. That repeat – and i think it just has a really nice effect. So that’s the goal here and i’m out of breath for some reason.

It’S really warm in this room. So i might open the window, so this is going to take longer than i anticipated. Oh before. What can you do? Okay, so, okay, very tight on my face. I need to take a break because my shoulder is killing me.

I’M unexpected for that to happen, but for me very expected, because it’s like a lot of repeated movements, but i’m just going to take a break and then hopefully, when i can come back, my husband can help me a little bit to make it go a little Bit faster because i just did 10 by myself and it just took a little bit.

It just takes a little bit longer than i expected. I think i have a helper okay, so we are actually running extremely low on stain, like literally. Nothing is dripping out of here and we’re just trying to make do to finish.

The last piece of wood like fingers crossed we’ll just scrape five but yeah. This is why i usually like to have an extra can of stain, just because i find it so hard to really tell how much i need and then, if you go over, you can always return the extra can, but in this case really running low.

So we’ll see, there’s literally nothing left in here and good news for us. We did manage to finish all of the staining, with the limited amount of stain that we had left so hallelujah. I am so pleased about this time to get out of this room and let all of the stain dry together ooh, it’s so pretty out here so lovely good morning.

It is now several days later. Actually, i should say good afternoon: it’s 1 48., but it has been several days and i’ve just kind of left the wood pieces in that room night after night to air out into off gas from the stain.

That’s essentially what i’m doing when i’m trying to leave it like for quite a long time without being in my actual living space, because the off-gassing is toxic. Essentially so if you can smell it, it’s probably not done, and that means that vocs are going into the air and that’s toxic for your health.

So i’ve kind of left that there for as long as i can the window has been open and it’s been airing out day after day. I don’t think i can wait any longer. So let’s go ahead and let’s check to see how bad the smell is.

Fingers crossed it’s either gone or not that bad must close the windows. It is extremely cold in here i am like shivering. It is so cold, but that’s okay, right now. What i’m gonna do is. I guess i also.

Let me just show you what the coloring is looking like a little bit variable, that’s probably because i didn’t use like a wood, conditioner and also it’s pine and pine tends to do this, so i guess i’m going to just start taking these out to the living Room because it’s cold in here, so i don’t want to continue working in here, so i’m just going to take them out and then we’ll move to the next steps.

So strong, let’s go! Oh also. I didn’t stain the bottom side in case you’re, just noticing that now only the sides and the top, not the bottom. So i now have all of the boards behind me and i pulled out my little stash of command strips, which is like a jumbo pack that i got from costco this time, except i’ve had this for months, just like just in case.

I ever need to hang something impromptu. You know i just did some simple mathematics and realized. I do not have enough command strips, but i don’t think i’m gonna. Let that stop me and also my mom is not home and i can’t go to the store to get any additional command strips, so we’re just going to proceed and put on what i can for right now and then see how far it goes.

You know – maybe maybe i should ask my mom – hangs up to 15 frames. This is a time-consuming process when you have to do it like 40 times. You know one two, three, four, five, eleven twelve, thirteen, eight twenty nine thirty.

I have thirty. That means i can do fifteen right now. Oh also, i just to update you. I brought the boards out here and i can’t smell the stain pretty much at all, so we’re good okay, so i think i’ll just do what i can right now and then i’ll get more tonight.

I don’t know, oh also. Let’S all please observe this dying. Greenery pot that i need to change and i actually have the greenery to change it, but i’ve gotten so lazy and now they’re turning yellow because they’re also in the sun, so just wanted to highlight it and now we’ll ignore it.

3M command. Ships can sponsor me at any time. You know if they want to send me free command, strips that’d, be nice too spent a small fortune on them, don’t regret and now to make them all stick down because you’re supposed to press these down for like a minute.

So ouch, so now what i’m gonna do is beauty. So one thing i didn’t actually mention about this wall is that it has a phone jack here i actually have a landline and i love it. So don’t come for me. Okay, there’s no way to avoid it all together, so i’m hoping that the piece of wood will somehow be able to sit on top of this, which i’m now looking at it.

I don’t know that it will be able to, but that was my hope and then that i wouldn’t have to cut it, but if it does overlap then i will have to cut it so far. This has still worked. Pretty well feels super secure.

So one panel up and ready to go so good morning. It is now the next day and all clearly, as far as i got was putting up one beam and then i got stuck and my husband and i just spent the last, like 30 minutes, trying to figure out different items that we could use to space the Gaps between the pieces of wood and i think we landed on using his phone.

I also picked up some extra command strips i’m gonna put these on and then we’re gonna put them on should be good. Also, it’s a beautiful sunny day. Oh so i can’t complain. Okay, are we ready so we’re gonna use your phone as a spacer yeah? Oh my god, i’m so uncoordinated.

Today, okay, oh no! The bottom has sucked the bottom. That was stressful, cool all right next next one. So, oh my god, my you, no we’ll have to stain this one later, because i guess this end was stained, but this end wasn’t what monkey the full view is even funnier all right, my next! I have no clue you guys.

I don’t know what to say. Other than i love it literally, i love it so much. I think that it just matches so well with the vibes of the wood beams in my bedroom, and i just feel like it ties the place together so much more.

Obviously, i still have some remodel work to do, because i need something i think to go in the center of the wall. I also need some new cushions here. I might build a bench or some sort of console right behind the chairs, but i absolutely love it.

I think it’s stunning, this is where i sit and do my work usually – and i have my little stool next to me – and i do this before i do this fun fact. Oh, and in case you were wondering you cannot see the command strips from the side.

I was worried, you’d be able to see them, can’t see them on any of them, including the last one which has the edge facing well facing us. Okay, bye,

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