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How to Choose Kitchen Remodel Colors

Hey everyone! And welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to talk to you about the best way to choose the color of your cabinets. Now a lot of people think that the minute they choose their cabinet color well, that’s downhill from there and then that’s going to help them narrow down the countertop color.

Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you choose your cabinet color first. Then that immediately curates your countertop colors because now your choices are a lot more slim. But if you don’t know which countertop to install, it’s not going to get easier when you choose the cabinet color because once you finally decide what it is, you don’t want to be stuck to a cabinet color that may or may not work with your countertop so this is how you do it.

I was recently in a client’s home and when I got there, because I was there to help her choose her kitchen finishes, she had her countertop and her backsplash and everything was just laid out flat on her chocolate-brown dining table so there is the first mistake.

Because you can’t see color when it’s all just laid out flat like that. So the first thing you want to do is lay your finishes exactly how they’re going to be when you install them. So here I’ve got just a medium brown hardwood floor this is Calacatta Novo with Caesarstone and this is Misty Carrara right here.

So what you do is you lay them down because now the countertop is going to be horizontal along with the floor, right? Let’s do our potential cabinet colors first. So then you plunk them up and what I usually do is I just turn around whatever sample I happen to have.

You can see that I’ve got an off-white wall here but just so that you’re always creating a clean backdrop with your samples. You can use any poster board for this but if you’re using my large color samples, that’s the easiest way to just instantly create like a clean backdrop.

Okay so then I’ve got a white, true white and an off-white here and this is [Benjamin Moore] Chantilly Lace and this is [Benjamin Moore] White Dove and then the next thing you want to do … this is a really good tip… Most big-box stores sell white, off-white, and cream subway tile. These are really great control tiles to have with you, especially if you’re a designer and you are helping your clients choose tiles.

Because immediately, you can start to see if you’re dealing with a true white tile or an off-white tile or a cream tile because you’ve got the ones that you know are that color, because there’s so many tiles that are just greige, so how do you know that they’re gray? Well you compare them to your control tiles, which is what I have here okay this is my true white backsplash tile here and then I’ve got my off-white backsplash tile here and then you can start to see which one is right.

Now, can I do a true white over here with Calcutta Novo well Calcutta Novo is actually a little bit greige and so if you had decided that okay, I’m just going to go with true white because that’s got to go with their most things, right? And then later you decided that Calcutta Novo was the best countertop choice.

You could not go with Chantilly Lace because Calcutta Novo is actually greige and taupe. Taupe actually looks really good with it. So let’s just walk through what my client was considering when I got to her house.

So when I got to her house she had chosen taupe LVP flooring (luxury vinyl plank flooring). I don’t have any taupe flooring here but I’m just gonna use this [Benjamin Moore] Ranchwood sample because it is identical to the LVP that she was considering.

So let’s put that down here and then so Calcutta Novo, you can see actually has this taupe actually has some nice taupe veins on it so if you plunk that down, it matches great. Now how do I know that this is greige? Well, when I put my cream sample right next to it, it’s too yellow and that’s how you know that cream is not actually the correct way to go at all.

So, basically you’re in the world of off-white or you would choose just a lighter, greige color perhaps for the cabinets so that would tie in with that color. However, she was considering [Benjamin Moore] Collingwood she had a true white backsplash tile and Collingwood was the color that she was considering for her cabinets because she’d seen it in a celebrity designer’s kitchen.

Well when I placed them all together like this, I said, “You know, if you go this route it’s all really greige now. You’ve got like a you know gray feeling taupe-y floor. Now you’re going to Collingwood, which is a bit of a purple gray, for your cabinets.

You know your whole kitchen is going to feel greige.” You know it’s 2020 right now and gray is already dated now that the black and white trend is here so in this celebrity designer’s kitchen she had this countertop but she had this great classic and timeless medium brown floor so Collingwood worked great because it created this balance of warm and cool and that’s what you want to do when you’re choosing colors, is that you don’t want everything to be cool or everything to be warm.

You want to create a balance of warm and cool and so if you’re going to copy someone else’s kitchen make sure you’re actually copying the kitchen almost identically or you’re just not going to end up with the same results and you’re going to be disappointed.

So always choose your countertop first because everything flows from there and if you need some help choosing your countertop or any of your kitchen finishes, I can help through my eDesign department. You’ll be very happy with the results when you follow these useful guidelines on how to choose kitchen remodel colors.

We’ve got kitchen packages and you can even just buy a countertop package or cabinet package if you want to. So I hope that helps. Please post your comments below!

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50 Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas (Part 1)

Hello and welcome You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. Today we show beautiful bathrooms design and decor ideas. Small space, stylish faucets and lighting. Rustic style bathroom with forest view. Spacious, room, beautiful bathtub and shower.

Great design ideas for your bathroom. Lighting ideas, beautiful bedroom and decor ideas., Modern rustic, bathroom Interior design. Luxurious mansion with mountain and forest views. Wooden floor and stylish furniture, copper sink and bathroom faucet design, ideas. Stone, floors, luxury, wash basin cabinet. Luxurious, bathroom, beautiful wooden, floor. Wood and stone stylish solutions for decorating this small bathroom.

A cozy cottage, a great place to relax on vacation. Copper bath and sink the best solution for your home interior design. Ideas – bathroom with fireplace. Thank you for watching. You can subscribe to our channel and watch new videos.

Every day we publish our new videos on social networks, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, Great ideas for a luxury, bathroom., Dark tiles and light wood, trends. A creative idea for your bathroom.

Stone, copper and wood. This is a real rustic style, Luxurious cottage in Colorado, stylish bathroom with fireplace. Log cottage, a beautiful copper sink and lamps.

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Things You Should Know Before Working With an Interior Designer

When it comes to a home interior design, you will have to know some important things before you decide on which designer you would like to work with as a key member of your remodeling project. There are several different factors that you will have to consider, including the fees, the communication you will have with the designer, and the design board that you will have to work with.

Cost of hiring an interior designer in Australia

A professional interior designer can help you to achieve your decorating dreams. They can also save you money. However, before you start hiring one, you should know how much it will cost.

The cost of an interior designer depends on a number of factors. Some designers charge by the hour while others will provide a flat rate. If you want to hire a designer, it is important to compare the quality of service you will receive. You may also need to add in the services of other tradespeople to complete your project.

Interior designers are typically required to have an advanced diploma or associate degree. In Australia, the average cost of a bachelor’s degree in interior design is around 21,000 AUD. Higher level courses can cost up to 53,000 AUD. Graduates of master’s degrees can expect to earn more than bachelor’s graduates.

Costs vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. For example, a luxury bedroom remodel can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

Hiring an interior designer can help you to make your home more attractive. They can help you decide on the most efficient furniture and accessories to buy, and they can ensure that the items you purchase arrive on time.

Design board

A design board is a visual way to get your ideas organized. It can also be used to present content and information to your clients.

Design boards can be created digitally or physically. They allow you to visualize the final look of a room, or how it will be laid out.

If you plan to use a design board, it can be important to choose the right software. Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating unique mood boards. You can edit images, add notes, and remove backgrounds.

Mood boards are an excellent way to convey your vision to a client. They can help you narrow down your ideas, focus on one area, and stay on track to a finished design. This is especially useful for designers, who strive to get everything just right.

In addition, a mood board can be a great way to showcase your creativity and brand your business. Some designers also include a step-by-step guide to their designs.

Communication with an interior designer

Communication with an interior designer is an essential part of the interior design process. It is crucial to understand the client’s needs and preferences. This is a vital skill that will allow you to communicate effectively and persuade clients to approve your designs.

In addition to good communication skills, it is also important to have knowledge of the different types of paint and wallpaper. It is essential to be able to identify and order common supplies in bulk.

Another important aspect of communicating with an interior designer is to be clear about deadlines. If you are not clear, you can end up steering the client in the wrong direction.

A good way to get on the same page is to set a weekly summary. By giving the client a schedule of what to expect in the next weeks, you will be ensuring that your projects are on track.

Also, be sure to ask good questions to make sure that you are interpreting the plan correctly. Some clients may not speak up about issues with the plan.