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Creating a Cozy Home Office & Library | Room Makeover


This is what our home office currently looks like. We’re newly moved in and there are still unpacked cartons.
My husband has a height-adjustable desk since he works from home often. We built some Ikea Platsa wardrobes to act as bookshelves.
There’s so much more to do, so let’s get started! To add more functional storage to the room, I’m building some drawer units.
We’ve never used the Platsa system from Ikea before. I was pretty surprised by how easy the assembly was.
(But my fingers were in a bit of pain at the end, hehe) I’m turning part of this row of cabinets into a desk area for myself, so I’m adding height using these wooden legs I found. 3 boxes, completed~ Since our floor isn’t straight, the cabinets don’t line up perfectly but luckily the cabinets come with a connector.
To add some character to the cabinets, I’m first sanding the doors with 200-grit sandpaper. My plan is to add a piece of thin trim on the edges to create a thinner shaker-style door. To stick the trim, I’m applying a bead of glue across the trim. I used quick-dry wood glue since the trim is only a decorative element.
Before painting, I’m adding wood filler to hide the seams. I chose a creamy oatmeal color for the drawers to add some character, while staying neutral. I have two options for knobs and I love them both! Hmmmm Can you guess which knob I chose in the end? Brass mushroom wins~ To make the tabletops, we got 2-metre blocks of spruce wood and cut them down to the size we need. Before staining, sand along the grain with 200-grit sandpaper.
I recently discovered that staining goes much faster with a sponge. Sand again after the first coat of stain dries.
Then apply a second coat of stain. I want to stain and seal this thoroughly since it’s for everyday use. It’s more steps and more time consuming, but it’ll be worth it! Sand once again after stain dries and it’s time to finish this with some hardwax oil! This step is optional, but it protects the wood effectively. After applying a thin layer, wipe off with paper towel to remove excess and let dry for 24 to 48 hours. After 48 hours, I’m buffing it with 1000-grit sandpaper.
This makes it extra smooth and comfortable to use as a computer desk 🙂 I’m marking out where to mount the table legs and using an old lipstick to figure out the exact spot I need to screw in. Tadaaa~ I found some turned legs at the hardware store. They add a vintage-y feel that I love. Pat had to work at the “real” office this week So I could work on the home office a lot more without disturbing him but that meant I had to do a lot of the heavy lifting on my own.
I got a good arm workout from this room makeover, haha! To stain the legs, I’m first using one coat of the same teak stain. This was much more tedious than the flat tabletop, but was also quite a meditative process 🙂 To finish it off, I added a thin coat of dark walnut stain to bring out the wood grain and give it a warm vintage look.
Time to add the other half of the table. This room is right next to the front door, so I’m adding a rod and hooks for Pat’s work bag and our everyday coats.
The rest of the bookshelf is used for storing games and puzzles, most of our stationery and temporarily, some of my craft supplies. Now that I’m roughly done with organizing the bookshelves, we can work on the doors! I’m painting them as well, so it’s time to get sandy again 😉 To have some design continuity, I added the same thin trim to the doors.
For the doors, I decided to go for a cream white color. The difference on camera is very subtle, but the warm undertones of the cream will make the room much cozier! Installing these doors alone was probably the toughest thing, haha If you’re into diy-ing, consider investing in a laser level.
It’s useful for many things, including marking knob holes. I chose simple T-shaped brass knobs for the bookshelves.
We have a collection of vintage books that we want to put on display so we got two floating oak shelves to create a little “library” moment.
To easily find the points for drilling, I’m using some frogtape. First, mark the holes on the tape.
Using a laser level, transfer the tape onto the wall. I’m using a book to estimate where I want to hang the top shelf.
Paranoid me almost always double checks if the line is level. But of course, it’s perfect~ These shelves are solid oak, and soooo heeeaaavvvyyy~ They are probably the thing I’m most excited for in this room because we can finally put out all these beautiful books. It’s like our very own mini library 🙂 Pat is sorting out the cables below his desk.
He’s doing a great job so far ^^ We decided to use the light from our old entryway. It’s time to pull the rest of the room together! Next to Pat’s desk, I’m hanging a print we thrifted a long time ago.
It’s of a 1901 event in Darmstadt, a city that’s special to both of us 🙂 I’m happy we finally have a proper home for this piece! I made a door with a loose-weave fabric to hide my computer but still let the heat through.
I also added a few functional pieces like this hanging paper organizer.
I didn’t think that the office would be the first space we finish, but it actually makes sense.
I’m really happy that we have a workspace that’s cozy and inspires us to be productive It’s filled with things that represent us, and I could ask for nothing more.

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Zach’s Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY


– Zach. We are going to help you surprise Maggie with a brand new home office makeover. – [All] Three, two, one.
(dramatic electronic music) – No! – Welcome to Try DIY, the show where we transform our friends’ forgotten spaces into beautiful new interior, using the power of DIY. Ariel knows what she’s doing, and I’m her husband. Why DIY, Ariel? – [Ariel] It’s cool to be able to do something yourself. Also, rewarding.
– [Ned] And it saves money.
Each episode, we’re gonna listen to what our friends need, and then, set them up with the DIY project that’ll help them save money and be awesome. – Right.
This show is about making our friends awesome.
(upbeat music) (knocking) (light music) – Hello. – Hi! – [Ned] So let’s talk about Zach and Maggie. – Ooh. – Ooh.
– Let’s dish. – Ooh, dish. – So Zach and Maggie.
– Zach’s secret girlfriend Maggie.
– [Ariel] They’re not new, but they’re new to the internet. – [Ned] Mm-hmm, they just moved in together– – That’s a really big deal.
– That’s a big step. – Maggie and I have been dating for two and a half years.
We moved in together about six months ago? – It was actually a really easy transition. I was nervous, but. – What were you nervous about? – I don’t know.
– It’s really amazing living with an angel like me, ’cause I just give you so few things to be frustrated and angry and upset about.
– [Ariel] That’s really funny, ’cause it sounded like you were gonna say, living with an angel like Maggie. – Nope. (Zach laughing) No, I knew it was coming. (laughing) – When we moved in here, this place was not in the best shape.
We joked that it was kinda like a fixer upper apartment. The floors were scuffed and scratched, the walls were this putrid yellow.
It’s really been a constant redecorating of this place. We have a mix of pieces that we bought, and then, things that we found at thrift stores.
– I like neutral colors, I like the clean space. I don’t like to see a lot of clutter.
– She hates clutter. – I hate it. I hate it.
– [Ariel] I saw Zach’s apartment.
This is like 99% Maggie. – [Ned] I was like, I don’t think you need our help. This is beautiful. – Yeah. – What’s wrong about it? What’s the problem? – So Maggie was in charge of this room, and the bedroom, and the kitchen and the bathrooms, and then, I was in charge of the guest bedroom. I pushed to have a two bedroom apartment.
I’ve never had a home office, and so, I was like, yes, finally, I’m gonna have a place where I can, you know, be productive on the weekends, and work on other creative projects. – Well, let’s check it out. – Uh-huh. – Let’s go. – Uh-huh.
– So this is our home office. (dramatic horror music) (screaming) – Maggie has a very particular aesthetic. I just learned what that word means.
This room also has everything that we weren’t quite allowed to put in the rest of the house.
So you have all of my reject movie posters. The original patents for LEGOs. My old boops and bops.
– What are boops and bops? – Boops and bops are like, you know, like miscellaneous like knickknacks.
– You have a whole box full of miscellaneous knickknacks that you call boops and bops? – I kinda told her that I’m gonna take on this room. It’s gonna be my responsibility.
– Oh, there’s stuff inside the dresser. – [Zach] Yeah.
– [Ariel] Like this is like craft supplies. – Yeah, I mean, some of this is mine, some of this is Maggie’s.
I feel like I’ve let her down.
She would never say that, ’cause she’s too sweet.
I did a little home DIY.
We have our Wi-Fi box.
– [Ariel] You have a rug, and it’s rolled up on the floor. – Yeah.
– So Zach was in charge of this room.
– All right, all right.
Her happiness and her mental well-being is dependent on calm and order in the home.
Having this unfinished room is just like this nagging little thing in the back of our brains that I know upsets her.
– Well, today, Maggie, as a special surprise, Zach is going to redesign this entire room with our help. You’re not gonna be able to see the end until it’s all done. Relationships are about compromise, and so, we’re gonna try and be the glue that holds them together.
– I feel like I know what you want. – Yeah, uh– – I’m gonna make you proud. – We’ll see.
– We’re doing nice things for our friends. – Yeah.
– Because we’re such good people.
– Yeah, we’re humanitarians. – We save lives.
– Do you believe in us? – I believe in Ned and Ariel. (all laughing) – Fair.
(upbeat music) – We know what Maggie wants. – Uh-huh. – But I want to talk about what you want.
– I need a home office, I have a standing desk that I bought, but I just need to make it comfortable and cute and somewhere that I can work on the weekends, and feel like this is a place that I can be productive.
– So you wanna leave work at work, and then, also– – Come home to work. – Come home to work.
– Our challenge is gonna be figuring out how to incorporate all of these things from our old lives in a way that feels– – Natural? – Aesthetic. – Okay.
That is not the correct way to, yep. – Yeah. (Ariel laughing) (upbeat music) So now that you’ve seen their space, what’s the plan for the makeover? – [Ariel] Well, let me tell you. Zach wants it to be an office. – Right.
– So we’re gonna keep that desk in there.
Basically, just make the room look nice around that desk. We’re gonna put the desk over by the window, we’re gonna put storage on both sides, we’re gonna put a big rug in there.
This is the rug that Maggie has actually already bought, which is great, because it gives me an idea of the colors that she wants to use in that room.
What are we doing for Maggie in this room? – Maggie loves DIY and crafting, and so, I want it to be an office for me, but I also wanna give her a space for her. She always says that everything has a home, but I think she would be happier if we had like, is credenza the right word? – Sure. – No. – [Zach] Great.
– We are going to build Maggie a fold-down craft table. I think it’ll be really, really fun for her to have her own little space, where she can store things that doesn’t have to use Zach’s desk to work on her stuff. – This is all great, but I’m not seeing a ton of storage for Zach’s boops and bops. – Well, I’m planning on getting rid of a lot of that. – Nice. – Mm-hmm.
– [Ned] Well, we can make this work. – We can make anything work.
– You can make anything work. – Pow. (upbeat music) – [Ned] So are you ready to clean out the room? – [Both] Yeah! – [Ned] It wasn’t freeze frame until Ariel popped her hand up.
– So I have, you know, books, and there’s a lot more where this came from.
– First of all, you have two of “A Confederacy of Dunces.” – Well, that’s just, yeah, I mean, that’s a good book. – Let’s talk about some of that stuff that they are collecting. – Sure. – ‘Cause Zach has a whole bunch of stuff that he calls boops and bops. – (mumbling) version, arguably my favorite movie ever made. “Spice in my Pocket,” there’s some really good facts in here. I never even watched Star Trek. – Toys. – Toys. – It’s toys.
– This person made Nic Cage as different Pokemon. – Ay yi yi yi yi.
He can boop them, boppa here. (groaning) I’m sorry.
I’ll see myself out.
What are we gonna do with the boops and bops? I can’t believe I just said it like that. – Boops and bops.
– Maybe we keep the boops, but we throw away some of the bops. – So I should get rid of my LaserDisc copy of “The Lion King”? – Probably. – Yeah.
– I have a ton of records, and we don’t own a record player. Maggie actually loves records. She has a ton, too.
It’s a Hebrew copy of “Captain Underpants,” but how fun. It’s backwards.
– Actually, Zach asked us several times– – Yeah. – If you collected anything? – Right, and I’ll tell you what I do collect. – The answer was yes.
– My board game bookcase. But Ariel made me put it away in a bookshelf. That was actually kind of hard to get to. (groaning) – You see what I did there? – An ugly Hanukkah sweater called Llamakah, oh Llamakah? – Well, actually. – That’s pretty fun, we have matching, a Christmakah and a Llamakah. – Do you guys have a box of Christmas stuff? – It’s pretty good. – Do we have a box of Christmas stuff? How dare you ask me that in my own home.
– It was difficult to get Zach to eliminate some of the sentimental items.
– For about five years, I kept every cover of “Entertainment Weekly.” – Zach, what is the plan with these? – I don’t know! I’m learning how to share my life with someone, and a big part of that is realizing that this place isn’t just my home, it’s our home. – You could take all of this and it could be a metaphor for a relationship. – They each have a bunch of stuff from their own individual lives, but now that’s a challenge as to how are they gonna combine that to really make a space together? So Zach, why do you think you keep all this stuff? – I don’t know.
Dumb things give me joy. They always have.
Maybe it’s because I’ve always felt weird, and so, I like surrounding myself with weird things. – You surround yourself with stupid things because you like feeling stupid? Why don’t you surround yourself with orderly, beautiful things– – Yeah.
– So that you feel really beautiful? – Boom.
– Yeah, all right. (upbeat music) I think my goal for the rest of this video is figuring out ways to marry my old self with our new self. Okay, goodbye “Eternal Sunshine,” goodbye “Lion King” on LaserDisc, I’m keeping this. This is my old tax information, that’s probably trash. – What, what, well, wait.
By us transforming his guest room, it’s basically gonna save this relationship.
Do they give out Nobel Peace Prizes for YouTube videos? – I think they do now. – I think they do now! – Wow, okay, we did it.
Empty room.
– Okay. Here we go.
– Not so fast, Zach, my boy.
It’s time for your DIY project. – Oh wow.
– So let’s talk about the DIY project.
How are we gonna make this fold-down desk– – Sure. – Thingy? – [Ariel] The first step is building the frame. – [Ned] And you already precut the pieces.
– I precut the pieces, I pre-painted the pieces. – Love it. – I’ve basically done all of them.
– Just the way I like.
– (laughing) And once we’ve built that, we’re going to put the hinges on, so that we can have the fold-down tabletop. – Mm. – Since the front of it is basically unfinished, because it’s the bottom of a tabletop, I think we should put something decorative on there, and so, I was thinking stick-on wallpaper, but you can put anything on there.
You can put a piece of art, you could put, I mean, truly, anything you want, and then, the very last thing is we’re gonna put in a safety latch so that when you put the tabletop up, it stays. – You know what? When you say it like that, it sounds pretty easy. – It’s not that hard.
– Okay, so I just gotta do a right angle, with this on the inside.
I have these lined up, I think. I’m so terrified right now.
– [Ariel] We’re using power tools so he needs to be careful. Zach, I feel like, you give him something heavy, he falls over. – Okay.
Hold on, I’m gonna do this with my body, push it like this, and then, use maybe the drill in my mouth? First incision.
(drill whirring) Holy shit.
(laughing) This thing is powerful. I wanna surprise her, but also, showing her that I’m committed and that I can rise to this challenge, and be the man of the house that I was born to be, dammit! (drill whirring sporadically) Work it.
Ariel, you wanna come get eyes on this real quick? (drill whirring) – There. Nah, totally fine. – Okay, sick.
Then I’m crushing this thing, get outta here.
If you thought that I was gonna fuck this up, well, then you’re a loser. – Oh my God.
Do you think Maggie’s gonna be proud of you? (drill whirring) – I think she’s gonna assume that you did most of the work. – Will Maggie like it? – Hmm. – Yeah. – That looks nice. – Yes.
– [Zach] I am afraid to, if I, I guess you just gotta commit, right? – Yeah, you just gotta commit. Just go for it.
– Is this a metaphor? (all laughing) – It’s a giant metaphor for your relationship.
Oh my God. (Ariel laughing) You know what they say? Measure once, cut twice. – They don’t say that.
– This is a bad position to be in for a long time for a boy with a bad back.
– I’m just hoping I don’t get a boner. – (laughing) What? – Your wife is right here.
Be cool. – Be cool, man. (drill grinding) – That’s a fun sound. (all yelling) Nice! – Look at that. (smooth music) Zach is actually doing pretty well.
He is struggling, yes, but he’s really determined to make it work.
Ooh, it’s like fake wood. – It’s like fake wood. – This is totally– – That’s Maggie. – [Zach] Maggie aesthetic.
And I just peel and stick.
Whoa. – Ooh, wow.
– Okay, I’m down, wow. – It has texture. Nice job. – That was easy.
And this is gorgeous. – Right? – I know that he was worried about this, but he really stepped up his game. – [Ariel] Zach did a great job.
– It’s like a baby changing table. – Except the baby could fall off.
– I rolled off the changing table, and I turned out fine. – Huh.
All right, Zach, you did a great job with this folding table. Oh, look at that.
Oh, that is really nice.
Now, it’s time to put on the finishing touches, which means we’re gonna need some montage magic. (Ariel and Ned humming) ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ – I was a little bit concerned about certain things. I thought maybe there was gonna be too much stuff, but I think we managed it.
– [Ned] This is like a very special time in their relationship, and now, having this room be completed? It’s gonna really mean something.
♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ – [Ned] Okay, we’re about to surprise Maggie. How are you feeling? – Guys, I feel really good.
This room looks amazing, and thank you guys for all the help and the guidance– – Of course.
– And making this come together.
I’m just so happy.
– But do you think she’s gonna like it? – I think she’s gonna love it.
I honestly, I look at this room, and I think it’s actually a really beautiful amalgamation of the two of us. I guess there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s see if she likes it. – Let’s bring her in.
– Yes. – Are you ready? – Yes. – Okay, close your eyes. – Okay.
Oh, I can see– – No, no, no, close your eyes. – Keep your eyes closed. – You’re such a cheater.
You’re so bad. – You’re so mean. Just let her see. – I wanna see.
– Open your eyes– – In three, two, one. – Wow! This looks really good! I love it! – [All] Yay! – [Maggie] Wow! Wait, it looks so much bigger.
– [Zach] So we have a work area for me, so I’m gonna be, you know, tippity typing away, but also, we wanted this room to be functional for you, so craft storage. – Ooh! – And a craft table. – It’s like a Murphy bed! I’ve always wanted one of those.
– [Ned] So that was a DIY project that Zach did for you. – You made this? – Mm-hmm. – I had a little bit of help.
So what do you think, Maggie? – I love it. And we’ve completed the house.
– [Ariel] Yay! What this room shows is that you can keep your stuff, your LEGOs, your boops and bops, and it can still look really nice.
– [Maggie] You found a way to incorporate his movie posters. – [Ned] Yeah, there’s still some elements of the beeps and boops.
– Yeah! – Boops and bops.
– Boops and bops. – Ooh! We got a record player? – Oh, and this is the best. This is a Ned invention.
Wi-Fi! – How did you do that? – Drilled a hole in the back,. – You guys are so smart. – It was my idea. – It was my idea. – No, it was my, 100% my idea.
– [Zach] You did such an amazing job with the rest of the apartment, I wanted to do this to show that I am equally as committed to making this home a fun home for both of us. – Thank you.
You did a really good job.
– Yeah! – Yay, we did it! – This room’s great, ’cause it’s got so much of Zach’s dumb stuff in it, and it makes me inspired that I can bring some of my dumb stuff into our living room. – Okay.
(upbeat music) – [Ned] Ariel’s sister Danielle just moved to Los Angeles, and she is living in a studio apartment. – It’s very small.
When I eat, I sit on the floor. – On the floor? – [Danielle] I mean, it’d be nice if I could show off my place.
– [Ariel] We are going to give her a surprise makeover. – We are secretly here– – Well, she knows we’re here. – She does know we’re here, but we’re gonna do whatever we want. (upbeat music) The thing she loved the most was the hidden Wi-Fi cords. Like it was my idea, and then, I like– – No, no, that was, I just, I need you to tell, to tell everybody that it was my idea. – [Zach] Why you guys both trying to take credit for my idea? – No! (Zach laughing)

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19 Dreamy Laundry Room Ideas | Remodelaholic

Hey Remodelaholics! Welcome back to our channel.
We spend a lot of time touring beautiful homes, like we actually plan our family vacations  around the home shows in our favorite areas.
So today we want to take you on a little tour  of some beautiful laundry rooms. We’ve done a   video tour like this before of our favorite  bunk rooms, so you can check that out here.
We’re featuring 19 of our favorite laundry rooms and ideas that you can use in your house,   even if your laundry room is  much smaller than some of these.
Check the description for the  link to the blog post for more   information about the builder and designer,   plus more photos and links to some lookalike  products, and even more laundry room ideas! And be sure to keep track and tell us what laundry  room feature you love most  down below in the comments.
First up, this simple modern laundry room  has a beautiful color on the cabinets, fun patterned floor tile and this amazing laundry sorting station!   The rolling laundry bins each have a  spot under the folding counter as well.
Here’s another way to add some fun color and  pattern to your laundry room with wallpaper! The newer removable wallpaper  is nothing like the old stuff   that was a huge pain — so we love this trend. This laundry room also has  beautiful wood cabinets,   dark countertops, and a unique  embossed subway tile backsplash.
Number three. This next laundry room is big and beautiful! Light countertops and white cabinetry help  the space feel even bigger and brighter,   and the small subway tile backsplash is a nice neutral while still adding a little color. And the chandelier. A laundry room is a great  place to add a beautiful statement light fixture. Number four. Love these hexagon floor tiles!   The cabinets here are a little  more green for a nice color vibe.   A small hanging rod and folding  counter make this space just right.
Wait for it…. Yes, this is a laundry  room! This alcove with double machines also packs in a lot of storage. Smart for a  large family home or a vacation rental space. Laundry room six.  Here’s your proof that even a small  closet laundry room can be beautiful! Okay, this was a second laundry  room in the home, but still.
Start with floating shelves right above  the washer and dryer to maximize the   space and a storage cabinet to the side and  you’ve got a nice minimalist laundry room. Laundry room number seven.
Check out the wall treatment in this laundry room! This horizontal board and  batten style wall treatment   adds texture and style without being too busy. Oh, and did you see the  chalkboard barn door there? Nice Number eight.  So much natural light in this room! Love buffalo check? Look at  this floor – inexpensive solid   color square tiles combined creatively  to form a checkered plaid pattern. Beautiful Number nine. We love storage baskets! Baskets on shelves make for easy  accessible storage that can adapt to your needs. And look how much storage space this built-in unit  around the machines gives. Drawers underneath the   machines — real drawers not the skinny plastic  pedal drawers that don’t fit much. Brilliant.
A couple of wall-mounted drying racks  also give you space for those items   that don’t go in the dryer but fold  up out of the way when you’re done. Number ten.  Love the bold green color of  the laundry room cabinets! This room would be big enough for  a side by side set of machines,   but stacking them instead left lots of  room for the cabinets and countertop space. Laundry room eleven Now, this is a laundry room that dreams  are made of. So big and so beautiful! There’s a huge TV over the washer and dryer so you  can watch your favorite show while you’re working.   The TV is framed so nicely I didn’t  even notice it was a TV at first! And another beautiful chandelier!  We found a lookalike so check out   that link in the blog post in the description.
and twelve. This laundry room has a kinda classic modern farmhouse style going for it.  Wood floors, black cabinets, keeping it simple. Thirteen.
So many pretty details in this laundry  room! The cabinet details, and the lighting,   and the shape of corners of the sink backsplash  match the vanity cutout…, such a great room. Fourteen  I love all the storage in this room, and  that countertop wrapping station is so smart. There’s also a desk and a sink,  so this room is ready to work.
Fifteen Here’s another fun plaid tile floor.   You can get this look using  just plain solid square tiles! There’s also lots of cabinets for  storage, and a built-in dog kennel. Up above there’s some open shelving and  a built-in wrapping station. This would   be so easy to build yourself with a few dowels.
Sixteen  Here’s a small little laundry room with some  big style! I love the diamond tile floor. Stacking the machines is a smart way to  save space, and that made room for a folding   counter and floating shelves AND laundry  basket storage, even in this tiny room.
Seventeen Here’s another nice big laundry room. And this room is  well-lit even though there are no windows. There are ceiling lights, task  lights, and under cabinet lighting. Having plenty of varied lighting helps  brighten the space up and make it cozy.
Eighteen Next is small but packed with features! This little closet laundry room has a double  set of machines, plus a sink and storage space. Great for a vacation home or a big  family with a small laundry area.
Nineteen We’ll finish out our laundry room tour with another paired  washer and dryer. This is a bigger space with a folding counter and lots of cabinets and it’s  right off the back door so when you’re a mess from working hard or playing, you can clean up  here instead of tracking it through the house. So, which one was your favorite?  Tell us in the comments.   Be sure to check out some of our other  great tour videos and we will see you later!


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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel excuse the mess in the background I’m just in my room and I’m really embracing the no makeup Sundays. So today I’m going to be showing you my laundry DIY makeover so today I’m just gonna show you the before and after of our laundry that we did ourselves it was very gross and it required some paint but it wasn’t too hard to do and it is easy for you to achieve so stick around to the end to see the after end result so anyways let’s get straight into my laundry DIY makeover.
So as you can see our laundry really needed a renovation makeover and we did it DIY on a budget the paint was old and patchy in multiple shades of cream which really made it much darker than the room needed to be we also had a worn old shelf and single sink with no bench space or storage space so we really want to shoot freshen up and modernize it on a budget.
Shat I first did was remove the tiles as you can see around the sink area I just used a chisel and a hammer so I’m just quickly showing you how I did it they were really stuck down and normally I find that they’re not as stuck down as this when everything removed tiles in the past so it required a little bit of banging loosening up and then also a lot of chiseling and pulling down.
I did cause a few holes as you can see in the walls so after this I had to put gyprock and then also plaster sheets which you can get from Bunnings or your local home improvement store and then we patched all of it up as well and then painted it white which we did after I obviously removed all the tiles and then after I moved the remove the small shelf because that is where we were going to put our cupboards above the sink that we were going to put in. So this is the remnants after I’ve removed all the tiles and the Shelf of as you can see I did have a few holes in the wall and then lots of tiles which we had to clean up to be able to move on and plaster around and remove the sink.
Next up we installed these flat pack cupboards which we got from Bunnings they’re about 69 and 150 dollars for the top and underneath and then we also grabbed this bench which was $99 we used the entire bench and then cut off the excess pieces of the bench to create the other mini shelf and then James also had to cut the hole in the bench top to place this sink which was just about $150 I bought it online.
Then James went ahead and installed these subway tiles himself as you can see it just created we had some leftover excess tiles that we used from our kitchen so he just did that and then he also installed the leftover wood as a little shelf where we could put our baskets and our additional storage.
This is our renovated DIY laundry that we did we had to buy this single like wooden bench top which isn’t actually meant to be a laundry bench top it was just like a big like wooden bench top that we got from Bunnings and we had to cut it to size which James obviously did so that you can fit your washing machine and dryer underneath although we don’t have a dryer we have a mini fridge this is where we keep dog food.
So this is from Kmart that we got and then we decided we wanted to match our kitchen which is a subway tile backsplash and then we just got a dark grout because we have a lot of like black accented things in the house which is why we even used these black hold us to keep the shelf up and then we also have black handles here on the cupboards when you get a black Sink thought because we were trying to save money so we kept the same tap whereas what was previously in here and then we just got a new sink because it needed it was a very disgusting sink if you would have seen and then we just needed some extra storage in here so this is kind of where we keep our like towels. Some of our towels like washcloths and like the iron and stuff like that and then we also with the rest of the wood that we got from here we made a shelf just to keep like washing liquid and stuff up there so you can see we also got a little baskets just to keep it a little bit more tidy and then we also have our washing basket there which is kind of matches it.
So materials that we needed to get for to do this we obviously we already had these leftover tiles from the kitchens and so we only had to buy the grout the bench top the black accessories and the cupboards that we needed for here and then the sink as well.
We’ve done our whole house if you would like to see our home tour I will link that in the description box although it is a bit old so if you would like to see an updated house tour with some new rooms and new decorations and updated home decor let me know in the comments section down below I was also thinking of doing a bathroom DIY makeover because I am actually currently doing out on the suite at the moment so if you would like to see that please also let comment that down below or comment which one you would prefer to see.
Thank you guys so much for watching my laundry DIY renovation and makeover on a budget let me know what you would like to see next in the comments below thanks guys.
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