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Building a NEW Pantry & Master Closet // Mobile Home Renovation

Hey everybody, Sam here and Angela, and welcome to our channel welcome back to our home, where we’re doing a renovation of our 1988 palm harbor single mobile home, we installed the back door in our last video.

This awesome wonderful residential door. In today’s video we are going to kick off by doing some electrical cleanup and then we start building the wall to kick start the video we’re going to come back in time with me to yesterday, where i spent a little bit of time doing some electrical work here at our back door in preparation of today’s wall work with our door installed.

I can now focus my attention on this wonderful bundle of mess, the original wiring from the light switches, the outdoor light and the outdoor outlet that we used to have here in our back door. We’Re going to replicate everything we’re going to still have our switch for our new laundry pantry area right above us there’ll also be a switch for an outdoor light on the back side of the house right here at the door.

There will be the light for an outside light and there’s going to be an outlet box down closer to the floor for an outdoor outlet as well. Our door is not trimmed out, so we need to be forward thinking enough to realize we’re going to have our drywall, then we’re going to have some door casement molding, and then we want to have our outlets or our light switches beside them.

We don’t want to crowd up the casing, but we don’t want our switches to go too far down the wall, that we have to make our pantry smaller or, in reality, not make it as large as possible. Just because of where you put the switches looking here.

What we’ve got our king and jack stud? This is probably going to be the thickness of our trim molding on the door once it’s done, so i’m going to put another two by board right up against this. It won’t be a floor-to-ceiling stud.

It doesn’t need to do anything but space, the outlet box off and then i’ll put the switch on the other side of that two by the switch box itself is going to be a two gang or one of the square ones where it holds two different switches.

In it that way, we have one box to control the light inside and outside. At the same time, i’m going to do the same type thing down below for the outdoor outlet i’ll have a two by thick material just to space it off of the king, stud i’ll, attach it there, then we can cut the metal, siding and let it attach And go through the wall at that point up here for our outdoor light, we’re going to put the box right about here, i’m going to attach it to the stud i’m going to mark where i need to cut the siding for this outlet for the light box To go, let’s see if we can cut it with the oscillating tool, foreign we’ll be reusing.

The original outdoor light wiring there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s 14 gauge copper. It’s going to feed it in through this little tab, just like that, give ourselves a service loop and then I’ll staple it here on the stud.

So we have several walls that we’re going to have to build for this, but we’re going to go ahead and try and tackle the biggest one. First, and that’s going to be the one. That’s right here behind me that separates the kitchen from the closet and pantry to do this wall to lay it out.

I think the easiest thing to do for me is to take this scrap 2×4, which is the thickness of the wall. We’re going to frame up we’ll, go ahead and lay it here on the floor. I’M going to reference off of this face of this stud, which is the last remnants of the good wall, lay it this way and then measure from the wall to make sure it is parallel with the wall.

I think it’s gonna be the easiest way to lay it out, so we’ll try that first 53 and a quarter now that we have that wall’s location marked on the floor, we’re going to change direction and we’re going to give ourselves our reference point for this Wall, this is the pantry wall.

I went ahead and cut this 2×4 to go from the floor up to the ceiling, which is not conventional when framing walls. Normally you do top bottom plates and your studs are in between them this one. Since it is floating it’s going to be floating in this space, it’s going to be easier to do it long, so we can attach it to the bottom plate of this wall and the top plate of this wall.

This also gives us our point from here. We will measure out, we will square up a line and scribe where this wall will go. So we can find that mysterious intersection out there in the middle of our kitchen and make sure it’s square.

We are going to space this wall, three inches off of the electrical switch box. Here that way, we still have half inch for our drywall. We still have enough room for our plate cover and we’re not just crowding things too much all the while making sure we make our pantry as big as possible too.

So it looks like three inches. Is the magic number for us i’ll go ahead and put it here? Attach the bottom plate get my level, i will plumb it and then i’ll attach it to the top plate, the new wall? Okay, now we can just grab our lines on the floor.

This way and find our like, i said, magical intersection, so it looks good down there. Let me stand on it. Did we ever find our speed square? Alright, let’s see if this matches our pencil line, it does sweet mark it hey.

What’s that look for, I ate the line. That’s all right! I have what’s going to be the top plate of our wall, and this wall is going to be right where these wires run through they’re going to run through the middle of the top plate.

So i’m going to hold it in place, put some lines here and then drill our three holes here. So we can go ahead and next thread the top plate up and go ahead and attach it to the ceiling. I don’t know if that’s in a ceiling truss or not so don’t think i’ll trust it to stay.

Put all right, let’s measure, for our stud, if you don’t know what ceiling angle you’re dealing with which we don’t really know, we know our roof outside’s a 412. But who knows what all popcorn in here is doing? You can take a scrap piece of wood.

You can hold it up: plumb, like I’ll hold it right up there against my wall and mark the angle then I’ll take this over. My miter saw fidget with the bevel on it and find out what the angle is. Save it, and then i know what angle to cut all of my studs out so a little bit of relative dimensioning for figure out angles and a little bit of mathology.

Lessons too moment of truth. First, one cut – and we don’t have many of these nine foot boards to waste good. It is not too short, but you always worry about our first wall is done, and that was actually pretty easy overall, so we’ve got the studs here, spaced 16 inches on center.

What we’re going to do next is go ahead and start framing the partition wall, the one that separates the pantry from the closet. It’s going to go right about here straight across and the way i want to build.

That is very similar to how i put this stud here. First, we’re gonna have our left side go from floor to ceiling right side floor to ceiling, then we’ll fill in our bottom plate top plate and studs in the middle.

It is not conventional, it is not how you normally see walls framed how they’re framed all in one piece and raised up it’s really difficult to do that in a space like this, and since this is not a load bearing wall, it is just for a place To hang drywall and hang some stuff, it will still be fine.

It’s gonna be rock solid anyway much more than the 1x3s we had to begin with. So I believe we are rocking and rolling pretty well got Angela set up here in the cutting station bedroom and I’m over there calling out measurements, and you know she’s trimming them as need be because I don’t measure right or she’s telling me it’s better.

Do this than that, it’s it’s! A great team work how we work. It is that’s how it works. Yeah, i made the comment. You know we married almost 18 years. This summer will be 18 years. I have very much learned to be okay with being wrong.

When is it applicable when i really need to be wrong, i’m okay being wrong, because honestly, you’re usually right in that sense, i save him more work. You do i’ve learned that i’ve learned it. I’Ve learned in this situation.

If you’re like you know something such i’m like, okay, it’s just easier, so sam’s tip of the day to anybody out there, it’s okay to be wrong, learn to be okay of being wrong. It’Ll make you feel right all right, so we’ve reached the point.

We are starting to go ahead and frame out um. Well, i guess our door frames our door openings for the closets angela and i did some quick online surfing of home depot, which is the store that’s close to us that we like, but they had in stock.

For doors found the doors we plan on buying, looked up their rough opening for framing and that’s what we’re going to start the framework? Would you like to tell them anything else, not really tell them.

Where is the doors? Oh tell them? What your thoughts are? Oh geez, i’m ready to work um. They are going to be white, bifold doors they’re about 36 inches wide, which will give us just a little bit of a.

I don’t know. What do you call it door, opening book yeah a reveal – i don’t know so. We have, i guess, small little walls that we’re going to be building, which means that i get to use up all my little bitty scraps, which makes me happy, because wood prices are crazy.

Yep and most of these cuts have been like just a hair over 49 inches, which means you’re burning, eight footers left to right, yeah. It hurts yeah, we’ll use them, though all right, so we’re going to start building the closet here in the bedroom.

First, that’s going to be the easiest one work away from here towards the kitchen: well, laundry room, pantry, it’s a whole other space. We’re gonna learn we’ll just keep at it until it gets dark or we run out of steam or the kids right out of steam.

Let’s keep going um. Look at the precision. Look at the precision every bit used to make it easy for cutting this piece. Here so that angel wasn’t left with a bevel cut and honestly because it really doesn’t matter either way.

I had her just give me a square cut and ah it’s kind of floating. I then had her cut me a shorter little block when this goes here. All i have to do, then, is butt this up to it and attach them this way and we’re done there’s a little gap here.

Yes, but none of this is load bearing this is just honestly places to put your drywall. Hang the door lower down the door. Will hang from it, but up here it’s kind of dead space, so maybe that could be something helpful for anybody else out there.

You know if you’re fighting with angles and you’re really not wanting to waste your ten dollar, eight foot, two by fours, just get a square cut edge, close enough and cut you a little spacer block that way.

It really takes the guesswork out of it and saves your sanity. Maybe i’ve reached the point where i’m tuckered, i’m done it’s uh 7 15 and i feel pretty accomplished with what we got done so far. Yeah we got walls, we do pretty much.

They may not be filled in yet, but we have walls right sit tight, though we’re going to continue the party tomorrow, and we will finish out framing this thing promise so don’t go anywhere. All right, guys! Welcome back to today, which was tomorrow yesterday, it’s today today, we are going to finish out framing today, we’re going to put in our headers our little mini headers for our closets here paint your closet.

There finish framing the actual divider wall between the two and otherwise be done with framing for this project in preparation of installing drywall. Let’s go. Oh I’m going to space my s. No! It’s yeah right there, yeah! Okay, since my drywall joint, I want it to match up with the drywall over there.

I’M measuring off of it to find where to put my 16 inch on center studs or short little studs up here, so that when it comes time to do drywall, I don’t have to add any boards all right. These are square cuts.

Six and three quarter: you can tell me ten and a quarter and 13 and 3 4. hey uh. We have come down to the time that we need to put the studs in the dividing wall. That’s between the closet and the pantry.

We can get away with. Probably only doing two studs, but i want to do three. We’Re gonna have several closet systems like you’ll see later, but i want to have multiple areas of stud strength behind it.

So i don’t have to worry about too much weight of canned goods or anything like that. That’s going to pull the drywall off the wall make holes that sort of thing. So Sam has already made the points that we’re going to put the studs on and I’m going to get in there and cut them for him.

So he can slap them up and i think that makes us just about done with all the framing nope blocking. That’s not framing, though that’s drywall, that’s part of framing, so let’s get going, let’s go 95 and a quarter 92 and a quarter 89 and 3 8.

.Well, the framing is done, and it’s great, it’s so nice to be able to see what it’s going to be. What it’s going to look like that type thing, the finished depth is going to be about 16 inches for the pantry, and, while that’s not as deep as we would have preferred, we had a set amount of space that we could work with.

We had the light switch right here. We wanted a certain amount of space away from it and then the wall in the bedroom. So we had to kind of work with what we had and we did – and this is so much more pantry space than we had before and it can be floor to ceiling and we didn’t have that anywhere else that we could have done in here.

So this is a thousand times better than it was before we kind of ran into the same thing for our closet in here, as we did in the pantry, with only a set amount of space, we had to kind of move the center wall to make the Best of use of the space, the google term, for how deep a closet should be, is 24 inches.

This one is going to end up being 22 inches finished, but i feel like that is still going to be plenty of room for us to be able to hang up our shirts we’re not trying to get big puffy jackets or anything like that in there, and That enables us to keep this flat wall and the closet out of the bedroom space, which is what we really wanted now for sam’s boring part the technical bits.

What else we got left to do? Obviously, we’ve got to make sure all of our corners and junction points for drywall have sufficient blocking or support behind them. We have a lot of three quarter inch plywood left over from the subfloor that we are not going to use for any more subfloor ever in this house.

So we’re going to use that with some strips fill them in here and there and that work out great. In addition, if camera lady will paint up to the ceiling for one second yeah something’s a little bit out of place on the new closet, we need to move that light, we’re going to hope and pray that it’s a simple procedure of undoing the box.

Taking the wire feeding it through drilling a new hole and putting the old worm box back in place, but we’re not entirely sure yet either way that needs done and another question may pop up of. Are we going to keep a nasty old pool chain full cord piece of twine? Yes and no? We’Ve already bought our new closet light, and it’s one that i never knew such a light existed and is a perfect solution that is very similar to what we have.

But it looks a lot better than the whole silence of the lambs hanging. Light bulb type, weird situation that we’ve been rocking for well ever since we lived here in here with the pantry we have talked back and forth on.

Should we put a light in here? Should we not? What do we want to do? We currently have one single light right here above the door that is not centered with the door anymore, since we moved it down, we’re thinking, we’ll probably go to the store and we’ll look and see how expensive track lighting is, or something of the sense to give Us linear functionality with lighting, allow us to re-center it or at least take away the obviousness that it’s not centered anymore and then give us.

Maybe some task lighting have one shooting here in the pantry one down below and one at the laundry station kind of sounds. Like a cool idea to us, but we haven’t seen how expensive those lights are yet so it may change our minds on that in the future and last but not least, as far as technical stuff, with the area we got it to do, there are some wires Still hanging from the ceiling this one here i don’t know if the camera can see it, can you see it yep sure you can see it it’s hanging down pretty far, that was an original junction box and hard-wired smoke detector for the house.

We had one of our viewers: send us some hardwired smoke detectors and we’re going to absolutely put one back in place here and up front in our living room. Reconnect them. So if something happens, we should be going off.

You know two alarm fire. I guess maybe two arms we also are going to put in some junction boxes in the ceiling for the wires that have used to go to old things in the wall, we’re just going to close them off seal them off, but put them in a junction box.

So it’s all legal good right and tight and you can get to it in the future if you ever have to. I think that’s it for the technical bits as far as the closet and pantry situation, but, as usual, that’s all subject to change as we progress through this fun journey of what it is we’re doing do do so do do.

We have reached a stopping point for this video. This has been a three day video and we have reached a good point to say goodbye. That’s enough! That’s enough! You guys have ingested quite a bit. We’ve made some great progress and gotten to a really good milestone for the work.

I’M very excited to be able to see what we’ve been thinking and dreaming about in our heads pause. I feel like you’ve said that, like the past three or four videos, i know, but this is like huge differences in our house: it’s not just slap paint on it.

It is like taking down multiple walls and putting something in that we’ve only dreamed of having for the past couple of weeks. These are new dreams, but they’re our dreams. All the same. I’Ve always wanted a good pantry, not something just on top of the dryer, which is what we’ve had yeah.

So it’s also nice that we actually have walls. We can’t just float through these fictitious tape. Walls we well, i cannot fit through you might both fit through. That’s an 11 inch stud spacing so let’s see go ahead.

Huh! No! Don’t talk about me. I would say in the next couple of days this is going to be getting covered up too, and so our visions in our head are become visions in real life. There. You go visions, well guys, thanks for coming along as we framed out the pantry in our closet and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

Otherwise, we’ll see you guys next time on the homestead see you guys bye, but also not go so far. That way, as we end up not having to what as we would have picked in a perfect world, we had a definite amount of space that we could use.

Is that the right way of saying it? Hi camera, yeah, hey camera, i’m right here and it’s like? No, your face is better with me, not even in the there likewise down below. I will use additional one buyer.

No, that same it won’t be the same. One it’ll be different. Well guys, thanks for coming along, as we did some more work in our single wide. That’s kind of weird okay walking backwards to frame up the shot stuff.

We do don’t want to face with the camera. Okay think that’s about it for technical bits, but again we’ll show you guys all this stuff whenever we finally get to do it. But that’s that’s fizzle! Closed sizzle, sam fizzle, yeah elijah! I told you not to mess with that booger we’ll get in trouble.

So we’re going to use that with some strips fit them in here there heading in here there thanks for coming along, as we framed out the you didn’t say: well guys, okay, that threw you off like that. Like this, i’m looking at where i want the camera there, we go.

It’s like that movies. Like I’m looking right at you. Can you see me that’s a new one. It is my eyes are looking at you that’s hard to do all right. Sorry guys you’re taking a back seat, I got ta, be able to see this.

I can hammer it right at least show a little bit of competency here with a hammer. Oh trying to show off and I broke my box – there’s one for the blooper reel see if I got another box man we’ll see you guys next time on the homestead see you guys bye.

I think there might be a ghost or something in there. What is that? Is it either? No they’re outside there’s, probably starting to go across the floor? What was it i don’t know it’s very windy outside, so it could be that well, we got all the windows open in the doors, the awesome new door.

You may need to close those. I got. Ta get some b-roll to show people what it looks like then we’re done. I’M just closing these most of the way. That’s fine! So we’re going to the store and we’re getting our closet doors right, yeah all right, I’m gonna go put my clothes up online.

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