Whether you are looking to add beauty to your home or improve its resale value, there are a variety of options for improving the exterior of your property. Some projects can be completed in as little as a week, while others require a couple weeks or more.

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Exterior remodels can increase curb appeal, create a more functional front entry, and provide an opportunity to incorporate new materials and architectural features. They also improve energy efficiency and structural integrity.

The new dormers and roof on this two-story addition provide natural light and height. Meanwhile, the front entry has an upgraded gable and an improved paver path. In addition, the homeowner kept the original cinder block retaining wall and kept the entry gate.

This humble ranch received a major boost in curb appeal. The new cedar shake siding gives the house a traditional look. Additionally, the gray-blue paint adds a sophisticated palette to the Gothic Revival style home.

A well-designed front entry adds interest and function to the home. Furthermore, the use of the solar powered lanterns adds a magical touch to the outdoor space.

One of the most important aspects of an exterior remodeling project is the budget. If you are planning to undertake a home renovation, make sure to account for everything from material costs to labor.

Another tip is to choose the right contractor. Choosing the wrong one could lead to extensive damage or unsatisfying results. Look for contractors with references, credentials, and portfolios. You can also do a quick search on social media or online.