Living Room Remodel – Consider the Aesthetics

If you’re planning a living room remodel, you’ll want to consider the aesthetics. This includes adding elements that are personal to your home, while still creating a space that’s open and inviting.

Designing a Fun and Relaxed Space

Designing a fun and functional living room does not have to be a daunting task. With a few tricks up your sleeve you can spruce up your space in no time. Below you’ll find three tips and a few tidbits to help you along the way.

First up, there is the fabled multipurpose furniture. If you have an open concept living and dining area, you can put this to good use by separating the two spaces with a sleek and stylish sectional. Also, don’t forget to utilize ceiling high curtain rods for that much needed visual appeal.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to incorporate a couple of large and colorful indoor plants. These will add both depth and interest to your space while keeping you and your guests happy.

Creating a Modern Living Environment

A modern living room design can have a range of aesthetics. It can include sleek floor-to-ceiling windows, a fresh coat of paint, stylish rugs and pops of colorful fabric. It can also feature grand architectural elements, like a fireplace or built-in niches, for a truly impressive look.

If you want a clean, neutral aesthetic, choose light and neutral colors. Then, accent with statement pieces in colorful fabrics, such as velvet, which add iridescent flare. You can also add a matte finish to create a sophisticated vibe.

For a unique take on the modern design aesthetic, try a mirrored wall. This will bounce light around and give the room a nightclub-like feel.

Defining a focal point

When you are doing a living room remodel, it is important to focus on defining a focal point. This is not always an easy task, but with a little effort, you can find your ideal focal point.

A focal point can be a piece of furniture, an artwork, a view, or an accent wall. It is a feature that draws the eye and makes the room feel cohesive.

Often, the focal point of a room is a large window. Windows offer expansive views, which can make a great focal point.

In addition to windows, a fireplace is another natural focal point. You can add a potted tree to ground the space.

Adding personal touches

If you’re going to redo your living room, consider adding a personal touch to your new space. This can be anything from an old family photo to a new piece of art. You should also consider adding plants to your living room as it will help create a more inviting space.

To get the best effect, choose a color palette that reflects your lifestyle. Consider light, medium, and dark shades. A dark colored room will make it seem more sophisticated while light colors will help it feel calmer.

One of the most important elements to consider in a new living room is the floor. Choose a color that will blend well with the rest of your furniture. Then, don’t be afraid to mix and match textures.