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There are many things to consider when remodeling your living room. The key is to know what you want from the space and the budget that you have available.

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Whether you want to add a TV, add a movable couch, or change your flooring, there are numerous options. For example, you could replace the carpet with a thicker rug. You may also want to add built in shelves and cabinets.

The main objective of any remodel is to improve the function of the room. This could mean making it more comfortable or creating a dual-purpose space.

A good lighting layout is a must. It can dramatically affect the mood of a room. Some ideas include recessed lights, table lamps with removable lampshades, and ambient lighting.

Painting is an inexpensive way to give your living room a facelift. However, it doesn’t have to be done on every wall. Consider using a white paint or wallpaper to tie the room together.

Decluttering is another great way to make your space more functional. Adding multipurpose furniture is also a smart idea. Examples of such items include a coffee table that can double as a drink table, a sideboard that houses board games, and a storage unit that can house extra cords and cables.

Deciding on a new layout is a major undertaking. Depending on the size and configuration of your room, this may require you to remove architectural features, extending the room, or relocating plumbing and electrical.