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5 Ways to Make a Basement Finishing Project More Affordable

Hello, everyone. I am Caleb with Dansie Design Build, and in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about five different ways that you can make your basement finishing project more affordable. So without going any further, let’s just jump right in.

The first way that you can make your basement finishing project more affordable is through opt for an open floor plan. Why is that gonna make it cheaper? Because reducing the amount of framing, walls, drywall, paint, labor and materials that you’re gonna be putting into those additional partitioning walls, that’s gonna make the basement more affordable.

So if you like an open space, that’s great because that’s actually gonna be a more affordable option. Number two. Finish the bathroom or kitchen later. So you can choose if you’re doing a bathroom or a kitchen or both.

You can choose to just have the plumbing installed, and the electrical installed in the walls. And then opt to put in the cabinets and countertops at a later date. That’s going to save a lot of cost upfront.

So number three, choose carpet over LVP or tile wherever you can. Carpet is going to be a lot cheaper per square foot for the materials and labor to install than a LVP or a tile product. Those just take a lot more labor and materials to install.

So number four, if at all possible, leave the load-bearing walls alone. Leave them alone. Load-bearing walls are expensive to move because they require engineering, removing the wall, putting in a beam and moving and doing a lot of work there.

So if you have existing walls, if it’s at all possible, figure out a way to make the basement work without having to move those. That will make the basement more affordable to finish. And lastly, tie in the existing furnace in with the basement finishing HVAC system.

So when you’re finishing the basement, opt to not have an additional furnace or air conditioning unit installed in the basement. Basements don’t have very much of a heat load and so normally, the furnace that’s installed in the home can hold that, and accommodate the extra square footage living space that the basement is going to add to the home.

So there you have it. Those are five ways that you can make your basement finishing project more affordable. Thank you for joining us today and we’ll catch you next time.

Source : Youtube