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19 Dreamy Laundry Room Ideas | Remodelaholic

Hey Remodelaholics! Welcome back to our channel.
We spend a lot of time touring beautiful homes, like we actually plan our family vacations  around the home shows in our favorite areas.
So today we want to take you on a little tour  of some beautiful laundry rooms. We’ve done a   video tour like this before of our favorite  bunk rooms, so you can check that out here.
We’re featuring 19 of our favorite laundry rooms and ideas that you can use in your house,   even if your laundry room is  much smaller than some of these.
Check the description for the  link to the blog post for more   information about the builder and designer,   plus more photos and links to some lookalike  products, and even more laundry room ideas! And be sure to keep track and tell us what laundry  room feature you love most  down below in the comments.
First up, this simple modern laundry room  has a beautiful color on the cabinets, fun patterned floor tile and this amazing laundry sorting station!   The rolling laundry bins each have a  spot under the folding counter as well.
Here’s another way to add some fun color and  pattern to your laundry room with wallpaper! The newer removable wallpaper  is nothing like the old stuff   that was a huge pain — so we love this trend. This laundry room also has  beautiful wood cabinets,   dark countertops, and a unique  embossed subway tile backsplash.
Number three. This next laundry room is big and beautiful! Light countertops and white cabinetry help  the space feel even bigger and brighter,   and the small subway tile backsplash is a nice neutral while still adding a little color. And the chandelier. A laundry room is a great  place to add a beautiful statement light fixture. Number four. Love these hexagon floor tiles!   The cabinets here are a little  more green for a nice color vibe.   A small hanging rod and folding  counter make this space just right.
Wait for it…. Yes, this is a laundry  room! This alcove with double machines also packs in a lot of storage. Smart for a  large family home or a vacation rental space. Laundry room six.  Here’s your proof that even a small  closet laundry room can be beautiful! Okay, this was a second laundry  room in the home, but still.
Start with floating shelves right above  the washer and dryer to maximize the   space and a storage cabinet to the side and  you’ve got a nice minimalist laundry room. Laundry room number seven.
Check out the wall treatment in this laundry room! This horizontal board and  batten style wall treatment   adds texture and style without being too busy. Oh, and did you see the  chalkboard barn door there? Nice Number eight.  So much natural light in this room! Love buffalo check? Look at  this floor – inexpensive solid   color square tiles combined creatively  to form a checkered plaid pattern. Beautiful Number nine. We love storage baskets! Baskets on shelves make for easy  accessible storage that can adapt to your needs. And look how much storage space this built-in unit  around the machines gives. Drawers underneath the   machines — real drawers not the skinny plastic  pedal drawers that don’t fit much. Brilliant.
A couple of wall-mounted drying racks  also give you space for those items   that don’t go in the dryer but fold  up out of the way when you’re done. Number ten.  Love the bold green color of  the laundry room cabinets! This room would be big enough for  a side by side set of machines,   but stacking them instead left lots of  room for the cabinets and countertop space. Laundry room eleven Now, this is a laundry room that dreams  are made of. So big and so beautiful! There’s a huge TV over the washer and dryer so you  can watch your favorite show while you’re working.   The TV is framed so nicely I didn’t  even notice it was a TV at first! And another beautiful chandelier!  We found a lookalike so check out   that link in the blog post in the description.
and twelve. This laundry room has a kinda classic modern farmhouse style going for it.  Wood floors, black cabinets, keeping it simple. Thirteen.
So many pretty details in this laundry  room! The cabinet details, and the lighting,   and the shape of corners of the sink backsplash  match the vanity cutout…, such a great room. Fourteen  I love all the storage in this room, and  that countertop wrapping station is so smart. There’s also a desk and a sink,  so this room is ready to work.
Fifteen Here’s another fun plaid tile floor.   You can get this look using  just plain solid square tiles! There’s also lots of cabinets for  storage, and a built-in dog kennel. Up above there’s some open shelving and  a built-in wrapping station. This would   be so easy to build yourself with a few dowels.
Sixteen  Here’s a small little laundry room with some  big style! I love the diamond tile floor. Stacking the machines is a smart way to  save space, and that made room for a folding   counter and floating shelves AND laundry  basket storage, even in this tiny room.
Seventeen Here’s another nice big laundry room. And this room is  well-lit even though there are no windows. There are ceiling lights, task  lights, and under cabinet lighting. Having plenty of varied lighting helps  brighten the space up and make it cozy.
Eighteen Next is small but packed with features! This little closet laundry room has a double  set of machines, plus a sink and storage space. Great for a vacation home or a big  family with a small laundry area.
Nineteen We’ll finish out our laundry room tour with another paired  washer and dryer. This is a bigger space with a folding counter and lots of cabinets and it’s  right off the back door so when you’re a mess from working hard or playing, you can clean up  here instead of tracking it through the house. So, which one was your favorite?  Tell us in the comments.   Be sure to check out some of our other  great tour videos and we will see you later!


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