Total Bathroom Remodel

A Total Bathroom Remodel Can Add Thousands to Your Remodeling Costs

A total bathroom remodel includes upgrading plumbing, electrical and lighting systems. It also includes installation of new countertops, cabinetry, floor tile, and a new shower or tub. These upgrades can add more than a few thousand dollars to your remodeling budget.

If you do decide to do a complete remodel on your own, consider this: it can take multiple months. You may lose precious time with your family or friends. Unless you’re a skilled handyman, you’ll need a general contractor or at least someone to do the heavy lifting.

A general contractor can help you determine whether your project requires a permit. Some counties require permits for projects over a certain size. Depending on your location, the cost of a permit may be incorporated into your overall remodeling budget.

The best way to find out is to speak to a few contractors. They should be able to provide you with a detailed estimate of the work that will be required and the price it will likely entail.

Generally, the most expensive component of a bathroom remodel is the new shower base or tub. A new shower can range in cost from $1,200 to $5,800. Adding a new shower can also involve a lot of work on your part, including re-routing of waste and water lines.

In general, a complete remodel will require a team of master tradespeople. However, if you’re not willing to hire a team, there are ways to save. For instance, a good general contractor can subcontract most aspects of the project, and you’ll only have to pay for the portion you don’t do yourself.

One of the best ways to save money on a bathroom remodel is to replace the sanitary ware. Typically, these can be replaced for a fraction of what it would cost to install brand new equipment. This may include toilets, sinks, and even the faucet.

A complete bathroom remodel will often include an integrated lighting system, including a ceiling light, dimmers, and LED recess. While not cheap, it’s worth the investment. Using dimmers helps you control the brightness of your fixtures, which can be a real convenience.

There are many other factors that can influence your remodeling costs. For example, the supply chain is changing and lumber is becoming more scarce. Getting a great deal on materials may require more patience than you’re comfortable with.

When you’re ready to take the plunge on a major remodeling project, be sure to shop around and get estimates from at least three different professionals. Make sure you get the most reputable and affordable bid. Whether you choose to do the work yourself or hire a professional, the cost of a new bathroom can be high, but if you’re careful, you’ll end up with a beautiful, functional space that won’t break the bank.

The average bathroom remodel can cost between $5,000 and $14,000. Despite this, a quality remodel will add significant value to your home. Plus, a bathroom can be a fun and relaxing place to spend a few days.

  1. Planning your total bathroom remodel

The first step in planning your bathroom remodel is to decide what you want to change. Make a list of all the features you would like to have in your new bathroom. This might include a new bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, vanity, and lighting. Once you have decided what you want, you can start to look for inspiration. Look through magazines, search online, or take a look at some bathroom showrooms. This will help you get a better idea of what you want and how much it might cost.

  1. Designing your total bathroom remodel

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can start to design your new bathroom. If you are not sure how to do this, you can hire a professional designer or architect. They will be able to help you create a bathroom that is both functional and stylish. If you are working on a tight budget, you can also find some great design ideas online. There are a number of websites that offer free bathroom design plans.

  1. Choosing materials for your total bathroom remodel

Once you have a design, you will need to choose the materials for your bathroom remodel. This includes everything from the type of flooring to the type of fixtures. If you are working with a limited budget, you might want to consider using some recycled materials. There are a number of companies that offer recycled bathroom fixtures and materials.

  1. Installing your total bathroom remodel

Once you have all of the materials, you will need to hire a contractor to do the work. Make sure to get a few estimates before you choose a contractor. You should also make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured. This will protect you in case anything goes wrong during the remodel.